3 Fashion Subcultures Taking the Internet by Storm

Ashley Callahan Nov 16, 2022
3 Fashion Subcultures Taking the Internet by Storm

3 Fashion Subcultures Taking the Internet by Storm

Photo Credit: capturenow on Canva

It’s no secret that the internet and platforms like Tik Tok are defining certain aspects of real life. This includes fashion! We’ve noticed three main style subcultures throughout the year and wanted to share. Some of these we’ve mentioned, and some we haven’t. Here are a few of the main subcultures that are currently trending!

Dark Academia

Inspired by the literary world and intellectual pursuits, dark academia first originated on Tumblr in 2018. The aesthetic revolves around higher education fashion from the 1930s and 40s. Some items in this fashion subculture may include cardigans, blazers, button-ups, houndstooth prints, tweed skirts, and oxford shoes. Major influences for this style come from books like The Secret History and the Harry Potter series. Curl up by the library fireplace in an earth-toned sweater and loafers with this aesthetic!


This trend is the stark opposite of dark academia as it primarily revolves around the simplicities of life and connecting with nature. Floral dresses, crafting homemade goods, and attending farmers’ markets are some noticeable qualities. Natural makeup (or no makeup at all) and effortless hair are also part of this style. Kick back with some light poetry or wander through the meadows in a strawberry dress with cottagecore!


This fashion subculture is defined as a mixture of scene, punk, and goth. One particular outfit in this trend may involve a band t-shirt, stockings or fishnets, mini skirts, and brightly colored hair. Darker colors like black are usually part of this aesthetic. Nothing like reliving the concert days of the early 2000s!

These are just a few of the popular fashion subcultures we’ve seen throughout 2021. The internet is a powerful influence when it comes to style. Find more outfit pieces for these looks on the J.ING website. Wheat’s your favorite category?