5 Unique Yoga Trends for International Yoga Day

Judy Lee Nov 16, 2022

5 Unique Yoga Trends to Try For International Yoga Day

If you thought yoga was slow and boring, you haven't heard of these strange, fun, and dynamic yoga trends. Dancing dogs and cobras are no longer the only way to enjoy this versatile workout. What better time to spice up your practice than on International Yoga Day—and with the launch of our new yoga collection? Celebrate both with these five unique yoga trends: 

1) Yoga HIIT

Just as the name suggests, Yoga HIIT provides a higher intensity and cardiovascular workout for those who want to branch out of traditional relaxing yoga practices and get in a good sweat. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube with varying degrees of intensity—find the right one for you and get your body moving! 

2) Mindfulness Yoga

On the other end of the spectrum, mindfulness yoga pushes you to go even deeper into your mind. The focus is less on physical endurance or strength, but rather a meditative and thoughtful approach to training your body. This is definitely the type of yoga for those looking for mental and physical relief from the stresses of everyday life. 

3) Yogalates

A perfect marriage of yoga and pilates, this balanced workout will give you all the intensity of a pilates routine with the relaxation and flexibility of yoga. By working both your body and mind, yogalates provides holistic detoxification and stress-relief. 

4) Goat Yoga

You heard right. There's such a thing as goat yoga—and it's more available than you might think! As strange as it sounds, practicing yoga with friendly and tame animals like goats is shown to be an effective mood-boosterIf there isn't a studio offering it near you, just grab a furry pal and practice together. 

5) Acroyoga

The most dynamic variation of yoga yet, this workout is great for couples, as the moves require a partner. This variation focuses on stability and support, and is great for building trust between the partners as well in spotting each other through daring moves. If you're looking for a romantic yet exciting way to work out with your significant other, try acroyoga