A Mother's Wish - Balancing Work and Family With Edy Ganem

Judy Lee Nov 16, 2022



Nationwide school closures and work-from-home orders—there's probably no better moment to commend all working mothers than this Mother's Day. A sudden surge of children cooped up at home and moms charged with double duty of work and childcare may be an overwhelming source of stress. But it is also bringing families closer together, just in time for a day of celebrating mothers' hard work everywhere. Devious Maids actress and mom of two Edy Ganem is one of these moms experiencing the joys and rewards of her dual efforts while under quarantine.


As a working mother, Edy has certainly experienced challenges in balancing time between family and acting. Her favorite hobbies and pastimes outside of work hours show, however, that her main focus and priority belongs to her two adorable little ones. Despite her initial fears of motherhood, the actress seems to have grown naturally into this new "role." Her social media is constantly filled with photos of her smiling and having fun with her family in her downtime. 


When asked how she juggles being a mom and working full-time as an actress, both of which require countless hours of strenuous physical and emotional endurance, Edy offers three pieces of advice: "1) Don't think that you have to do it on your own. 2) It's OK to ask for help. 3) Pace yourself." With these tips, she has not only survived but succeeded in growing both as a mother and actress. And she's loved every step of the journey. 


Besides work and raising her children, Edy pursues her passion for equality in children's education by supporting various nonprofits. She is the ambassador for the National Women's History Museum, a resource for  furthering girls' and women's education in America. Most recently Edy did a live read for the Youth Cinema Project from her popular lifetime series, Devious Maids. The YCP provides film education for minority children, aiming to close the opportunity gap in Hollywood and beyond.


Edy's Mother's Day Wish? For all mothers to know that they are valuable and valued, for their work both at home and in their careers. This Mother's Day, if you're a mother, share your passions with J.ING in the comments below. If you're looking for the perfect gift for to show your appreciation, check out Edy's favorite looks for the perfect addition to your mother's summer wardrobe. 


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