AN INSIDE LOOK AT THE LIFE OF a fashion blogger

Account ing Nov 16, 2022

AN INSIDE LOOK AT THE LIFE OF a fashion blogger

Not So Basic Brenda Dress


The girl you see wearing her shoes on the wrong feet and posing for the camera on the streets on downtown LA? Yep, that would be fashion blogger Tess Alexander, more widely known as retail kind of the rapy on instagram. Okay, the shoes on the wrong feet was a one time thing, but that’s just a glimpse into her hectic, hustling, yet hilarious life; a life that truly encompasses what it means to live a J.ING lifestyle. 


While Tess is currently immersed in the world of fashion, her childhood uniform of mismatched prints and baggy sweatpants may come as a surprise. Perhaps she wasn’t so fashion-minded in her younger years, but we still consider Tess to be an eternal representation what it means to be a #LovelyJingGirl: a hardworking woman that dresses for functionality. “I liked what I liked, and I was very opinionated, and I wanted to wear what I wanted to wear.” Not the usual femme garb that her 18k followers are accustomed to, but her mindset has always stayed the same. Tess values her comfort, she values her personal style, and she is always true to herself.

“I liked what I liked, and I was very opinionated, and I wanted to wear what I wanted to wear.”


Celine Pinstriped Blazer, Celine Pants


“I kinda wanna show girls that we can mix it up a little bit,” she said. 

When wearing an outfit that looks good and that’s comfortable, confidence comes naturally, and with confidence comes fearlessness; fearlessness to break the norms, just like Tess did. Growing up surrounded by the creativity of her grandfather, an animator for Walt Disney, Tess would admire how his passion fueled his career. After discovering that her creative outlet would be photography, she was in search for something with more meaning; for something that made her excited to get out of bed every morning, so she fearlessly began her endeavor into blogging. While other fashion bloggers were head to toe in Gucci and Channel, Tess wanted to be more real, more everyday, “I kinda wanna show girls that we can mix it up a little bit,” she said.


Alex Pants


Alanna Top, Alanna Stripe Ruffled Skirt

The way we dress influences the way we live. When you’re wearing J.ING, you have the versatility, capability and affordability to live as you please. Pictured, you can see Tess sporting one of our signature sets: The Alanna Set. This set exemplifies what it means to be ready for anything, whether that be early morning working at a coffee shop or out for a candlelit dinner. The Alanna set is tailored to hug all the right areas, and the length is perfectly engineered so that it’s short enough to keep you cool, but long enough that you aren’t awkwardly caught pulling your skirt down every 5 minutes (we’ve all been there). This set was an easy choice for Tess, as she always opts for items that can easily transition to suit any occasion. 


Amalie Earrings


Amalie Earring
Evelyn Earrings
Lydia Gold Foil Earrings
Eviee Earrings

“I definitely love being comfortable,”

When Tess curates a look she focuses on comfort and functionality.  All of her ensembles seem to radiate a vibe of subtle glamor, while still maintaining a relaxed style. See how she dials down the formality of the Alex Pants with a bardot neckline, beatnik accessories like her hat and sunnies, and casual sandals. “I definitely love being comfortable,” she said. And we definitely agree with Tess: comfort is key, and accessories can work wonders. 


Paulina Dress

Tess’ go-to articles include casual pieces that can suit the comfort of her apartment, and can easily transition to a night out by tossing her hair in an updo, sporting a bold lip, and accessorizing with a nice bag and high heels. Comfort is not only key in Tess’ wardrobe, but also in her life. “I feel comfortable in who I am and where I am… It’s the ultimate for me, I’m having so much fun.” 


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