Back to School Looks Pt 2

Dotty Liao Nov 16, 2022

J.ING continues to show you three more school styles 

New outfits to stunt on the student body in for when you reclaim your throne as Queen of Cool at your school. We are featuring bold, vibrant hues and fun styles that will ensure you look effortlessly fit for the first day of class. 

1. Fuchsia Forever

Look Classy for Class 

Fuchsia is not a color for the feeble. 

Show up to school in J.ING's Felice Fuchsia Silky Blouse when you want to show up in an outfit that gives you vibrant vibes that stands out in the crowd. 

This soft long-sleeve top has a sheen-like finish that catches the eye and flatters your body with its fitted design, and the drawstring collar ties into a bow for a polished style. 

Pair it with the Midnight Black Belted Shorts to finish your cute class outfit. 

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The Shooting Pearl Earrings 

Add a touch of class to an already gorgeous and vibrant look, without overpowering any elements of the outfit. 


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Curveball Earrings

Cute, classic and simple, the Curveball Earring features an adorable pearl-like bead with a golden halo encasing it. 


2. Rule the School in Red

Look Radiant in Red 

You'll be hard to miss in this gorgeous and rich red number. 

J.ING's Scarlet Red Tent Dress features long, peasant sleeves, a relaxed and flow-y fit, and a chic bow-tie collar for a pretty presentation. 

Wear this dress if you want to look unforgettable on your first day back. This dress looks perfect paired with ankle boots, flats or even sneakers. 

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Melted Gold Earrings

Simple, understated and a perfectly polished pair of earrings to adorn this outfit, the Melted Gold Earrings are designed to elevate any outfit you wear.

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Two of Hearts Earrings

Two hearts that beat as one, these adorable accessories are the perfect way to put a cherry on top of a lovely scarlet outfit. Careful there, heart-breaker. 

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3. Pretty Peasant Style

A Modern Take on the Prairie Chic Style

This feminine and soft look is a much more subdued color palette than the previous two school ensembles, but it leaves just as much of an impact with its casually cool look. 

J.ING's Sullivan White Peasant Blouse is a versatile top with a V-neck cut, button-down closure and poet half-sleeves that can be styled to perfection for any occasion. 

Wrap up your look with the Morgan Tan Midi Skirt. The asymmetrical wrap design and belted high waist gives you a beautiful A-line silhouette that looks elegant with a tucked in blouse. Just throw on some sneakers or ankle boots and you're ready for the show-down. 



Antler Earrings

This pretty little pair has a uniquely abstract design that resembles antlers, with a small pearl-like bead. It adds an elegant look to the Pretty Peasant Style. 


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Antler Necklace

The Antler Necklace looks utterly gorgeous along with the Antler Earrings, completing the utterly flawless feminine peasant outfit and matches effortlessly with the Antler Earrings.

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