Carrie Bradshaw’s Top 10 Most Iconic Outfits

Ashley Callahan Nov 16, 2022
Carrie Bradshaw’s Top 10 Most Iconic Outfits

Carrie Bradshaw’s Top 10 Most Iconic Outfits

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A Sex and the City reboot is well underway, and we’ve got a lot of fashion inquiries for Miss Carrie Bradshaw. According to one BuzzFeed article, no one knows for certain what lies in store for the fashion writer and her longtime beau, Mr. Big. What we do know is that actors Sara Jessica Parker and Chris North looked awfully cozy on Instagram. The two referenced their role reprisals in excitement, sparking questions amongst the fanbase. Will Carrie be reunited with all her gal pals? We can only hope! For now, let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable styles from Carrie’s famously eccentric wardrobe. 

The Famous Tutu

Every Sex and the City fan will remember Carrie’s famous tutu from the opening credits. According to an article in 29 Secrets, costume designer Patricia Field found the skirt in a bucket! Despite Sarah Jessica Parker loving the look, showrunners were not on board. The other outfit in the running for the opening sequence was a blue Mark Jacobs sheath dress. In the end, two sequences were shot, and the skirt was triumphant!

Newspaper Chic

In a season 3 episode titled, What Goes Around Comes Around, Carrie bumps into Mr. Big’s wife, Natasha. Heartbroken and wearing a dress that’s totally Bradshaw, the columnist is later mugged! Not the most favorable way to end the evening after running into the woman whole stole your man! Poor Carrie, at least she knows how to keep it fabulous.

Whimsical in Tulle

An Evoke article has just spilled a secret regarding Sarah Jessica Parker's favorite look from the show. The actor revealed this tulle skirt outfit to be the clear winner! SJP loved the skirt because of its ballerina-inspired fancy. She also told Evoke that the dress is symbolic of Carrie's idealistic expectations. The writer always imagines wearing the perfect outfit for the perfect moment. But like many situations in Carrie's New York Life, the night ends unexpectedly. The skirt was given to Kobe Bryant, who gifted it to his wife before he passed away. 

This Midriff Moment

Who could forget when Carrie wore a belt as a crop top extension? The audience has had a lot to say over the years regarding this moment, but it seems that no one can fully reach an agreement. The show’s costume designer Patricia Field told Insider that it was a spur-of-the-moment choice that ended up looking “obnoxious” on screen. But no one becomes a fashion icon without at least a little risk, right?

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This Wide-Neck Floral Dress

Carrie famously wore this lovely summer dress on one of her romantic dates with Big. The wide neck, ruffles, fitted silhouette, and splash of colors practically scream “love is in the air.” It’s no surprise that this look seems to be a major fan favorite.

A Preppy Suit and Tie Co-ord

This is one of Carrie’s looks that’s on the more chic side. She wears cream trousers with a matching vest, open-toed heels, a blushing red button-up, and a loose black tie. We love a business co-ord!

Orchid Apparel 

This may not be the first time Carrie has worn a flower on her shoulder, but it's definitely bolder. The white bodycon dress features gold accenting and, of course, a giant orchid. Bradshaw completes the look with a gold clutch and stunning black heels.

A Cowboy Hat in the Hamptons

In season 2, episode 17 of the show, Carrie and her friends attend a party with a bunch of twenty-somethings. The hoedown in the Hamptons calls for none other than this famous cowboy hat with bando top moment. This goes to show that Carrie can make just about any outfit work.

A Boyfriend Tee With a Belt

Carrie created her own shirt dress from a men’s button-up and Hermes belt. She completed the look with clear strapped pumps. With her hair down and minimal jewelry, fans will remember this moment as a time when Carrie looked effortlessly chic.

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The Revenge Dress

This white satin dress is last but not least on our list. When Carrie catches Mr. Big running from his engagement party, this crepe dress becomes an instant “revenge outfit.” After quoting a rom-com, Carrie struts off into the sunset solo, leading us to believe she is finally moving on from her elusive lover. Slip dresses are always a win for an empowering moment.

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