Classic Winter Essentials

Account ing Nov 16, 2022

Classic Winter Essentials

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Original Author: Mary Orton 
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I know we’re in the throes of the holiday season, where if it’s not a party dress or a themed pajama, it’s unlikely to catch the eye. But we can’t forget that aside from being the holiday season, it’s also just kind of… winter. 

For all the days that don’t have glittery invitations attached to them, you’ll need wardrobe staples you can rely on to get you from A to B to C (here’s hoping that C stands for Champagne). 

Everything I’m wearing today is from J.ING, a new-to-me west coast brand that’s on a mission to ensure your everyday style lights you up just as much as your celebration attire.  


Weekend wear can go the sporty route, quickly, but it doesn’t have to be all errands and spin class and waiting to get into Bubby’s for their Nutella-stuffed pancakes. Your out-of-office days can still be styled with plenty of polish and femininity, too. Here, I’m going the turtleneck + skirt route because honestly, it’s cute and my neck is cold.  

The fact that this skirt features a high waist is what gives the overall look balance in tandem with a cozy turtleneck. This turtleneck is fairly lightweight, so you won’t feel too bulky under your coat, but the skirt also holds up well against tucking in a chunkier, cable knit variety, too. I love keeping a few lightweight turtlenecks around as layering pieces, and this one comes in five colors to amp up your wardrobe’s overall versatility. The skirt itself is a tweed woven fabric with gold button detail, it’s classically feminine in a way that feels fun, too. Something to note overall—these items do run small, so sizing up one size is a smart move. 

In adorable outerwear news, the Jacklyn Blue Belted Reefer Coat is a double-breasted, adorably-buttoned feat of loveliness. The heavyweight fabric will keep you warm, the belt will highlight your shape, and the fact that it’s a blue coat hanging in your closet will simply make you happy. I’ve also added the delightfully unexpected Curveball earrings to this look, which are well-priced and a pop of pearl that I’m never upset about.