The Look: Corseted, Belted and Cinched Waists

J .ING Nov 16, 2022

Isabel Marant 

The Look: Corseted, Belted & Tied Waists

The Cinched Center Look is Here to Stay

Kendall Jenner (Zach Hilty/

The look that seems to only be hotter every year is the tiny embellished waist via corset, belt or any fabric that can be tied. Although this trend is nothing new, it has been gaining traction over the last few years. 

A-list celebrities and all the biggest names in fashion are loving the cinched-center look: Kylie and Kendall Jenner have been spotted at various swanky events rocking cinched waist. 

Although corsets aren't considered a staple in every woman's closet anymore, the look of a tiny waist has prevailed the test of time.

It's easy to see why a slender waist is still widely desired as #bodygoals by women, despite the socially-gendered implications that any standard in beauty has imposed on namely women since the beginning of time. A curvy silhouette can make a woman feel powerful sometimes. An hourglass shape exudes femininity and fertility. That's not to say that other body shapes aren't beautiful, though. Societal norms are evolving from antiquated ways of seeing beauty, thanks to people realizing that women are humans, too. It's about time! 

But, if snapping a corset together at your waist helps you to feel more confident, we're all for it. 

Balmain x H&M Collection runway show in New York by Randy Brooke (Source)

The best part of the cinched waist trend is that you don't need to spend a lot - or at all - to achieve it! This look can be executed without a corset or waist cinch; if you're in a pinch, a simple belt or scarf tied around the middle can create curvature on a baggy shirt or shapeless dress.

J.ING has curated a collection of looks that come ready and corseted, belted and tied by default. You're welcome. 

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