What to Wear to the "Friends" Reunion

Ashley Callahan Nov 16, 2022
Friend's Reunion Blog

Dress Like Your Favorite Friends Character for the Reunion!

In the year 2021, HBO Max has done something spectacular. Nearly twenty years after Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey went their separate ways, the streaming service brought them all back together. In honor of the Friends cast reunion that has left the hearts of 90s babies everywhere full, we’re celebrating J.ING style. Here’s the “one where” we offer our spin on classic Friends fashion!

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Achieve the look of America’s favorite girl next door with our replica styles. You can have a sleek green dress, a cute plaid skirt, and who could forget those iconic jeans? If you’re like Rachel, you love a trendy look with a little edge. Relive your 90s icon dream with a J.ING blazer and J.ING dress!

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Monica is the best friend we all want to be. Sassy and fun with an uptown flair to match, this Friends character knows how to keep things bold yet classy. Repeat some of Monica’s wardrobe with wide trousers, slim pants, and fun mini skirts!

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Photo Credit: We Heart It (GIF)

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.


Phoebe is the queen of asymmetrical fashion. If you’re looking for a boho vibe, she’s your gal! Play up the whimsy by adding funky sweaters and flowy skirts to your wardrobe. Don’t we all wish to be as carefree and confident as Phoebe?

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Grab your best friend and get ready for the Friends Reunion with iconic fashion from the show. You can find some of these looks in our affordable Fashion Gems category as well as at our Semi-Annual Sale! When it comes to your style needs, J.ING will always be there for you! Not sure how to style your new look? Shop What-to-Wear today!