Dressing for Date Night

Account ing Nov 16, 2022

Sought-After Styles to Wear on a Date

Date Night - whether it's with your long-time beau or if you're going in blind - is the perfect time to try out the power of your magnetic pull. What better way to do so than with a perfectly-planned look? Determine what look you're going for; perhaps you're feeling feminine and flirty, or casual with a low-key vibe, or if you want to try out a bold but demure look - J.ING's got the pieces to get their pulses racing.
Here are our most sought-after styles for your romantic rendezvous.

Feminine and Flirty

These pieces are meant to wow your lucky date. We've incorporated plenty of sheers and ruffled pieces to get the temperatures rising.
Sheers give you that extra bit of skin-show without revealing too much, and flounced ruffles sashay with your every move for that hypnotic appeal and graceful sway that will make hearts flutter.

Casual but Low-Key Chic

Going on a date doesn't mean you always have to have the whistles and bells. Sometimes, you want the subtleties to do the talking. Here are some pieces that can make an impression without saying too much.

Daring but Demure

Statement pieces will really make you stand out of the crowd - these looks exude confidence, style-savvy and make you look unforgettable. These pieces are meant to be worn by those are aren't afraid of being different.

Now that you've got our best picks and most sought-after looks for date night, go win/break some hearts with your impeccable looks!