Easy Workouts to Stay Active At Home by J.ING x Aspire Fitness

Judy Lee Nov 16, 2022

If you've been feeling restless at home with another wave of stay-at-home orders, we're all in the same boat. In the midst of a pandemic, COVID-19 isn't the only danger to our bodies; increased stress and sedentary lifestyles can add to the negative effects on our mental and physical health. As summer heat reaches its peak, staying well-hydrated and energized with the right nutrients is also crucial to taking care of ourselves. In this two-part series, we've partnered up with Aspire Fitness in Walnut, California to offer easy ways you can add both exercise and healthy diet to your lifestyles and care for your bodies in this unprecedented time. 

Aspire Fitness is a private gym that focuses on holistic services by offering not only workout facilities, but personal training and diet coaching to help individuals reach their fitness goals such as weight loss, toning, and overall health maintenance. Their training packages include private kickboxing classes or one-on-one coaching by independent trainers. All packages come with a free gym membership and friend referral discounts.

In the next 2 videos, trainers from Aspire Fitness will guide you through workouts targeting your core, stability, and strength with both classic yoga moves and boxing techniques. Both workouts are short, beginner-friendly, and easy to do at home. All you need is a mat and the right workout clothes! 

workout 1: core & yoga 

Want to build both stability and strength? This 10-minute workout is simple but effective, mixing yoga poses and classic core moves to help you sculpt muscle and improve balance. The stretches will help elongate your muscles, while the core-targeting crunches will tone and strengthen your overall body. 

Watch Aspire Fitness trainer Jasmine guide a 10-minute core and yoga workout for strength and stability. Jasmine wears the PURPLE EGGPLANT CROSS-BACK BRA TOP and the POWDERED VIOLET BRUSHED LEGGINGS.



If kickboxing seems like an intimidating and equipment-heavy workout for you, this no-equipment workout proves that even beginners can pull it off. The high intensity moves and sharp precision required make this another excellent core-targeting cardio workout with a fun, unique twist (literally—the punches will really get your obliques moving!). It's also great for stress-relief—anyone who's tried kicking a punching bag will agree. You can try this workout with or without a partner (gloves will be helpful if you plan on practicing punches on a friend.) 

Watch Aspire Fitness trainer Christy guide a 10-minute cardio kickboxing workout. Christy wears the PEACH PUFF SCOOP NECK BRA TOP and the POWDERED VIOLET MOSAIC LEGGINGS.



You can check out Aspire Fitness on their Instagram, YouTube channel, or website to learn more about their training packages, get fitness tips, learn healthy recipes, and watch more workout videos. 

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