How to Dress like Kendall Jenner

J .ING Nov 16, 2022

How To Dress Like Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is arguably a full-fledged fashion icon, with her impeccably-paired outfits that are often comprised of such obscure or vintage finds, they're not even identifiable. Her fearlessness when it comes to who, what and how she wears her ensembles set the standard for young women everywhere to feel empowered to freely express themselves through fashion. 

Although not all of us have the same disposable income as Kendall Jenner - or any one of the members in the Jenner/Kardashian clan - you won't have to spend a fortune to rock her look. 

Here are some of Kendall's most lustworthy looks that J.ING has dupes for so that you can look paparazzi-ready in your every day life. 

Wide-Leg Denim

Workout Tanks as Tops

Leather Pants

Short-Sleeve Cardigan

Grey Plaid Dress


Corset Dress


Plaid Blazer

White Mini Skirt

Oversized White Button-Up

Now it's time to take these dupes and make them your own!