From Sheets to Street - Ways to Wear Summer 2020's Most Daring Trend

Judy Lee Nov 16, 2022

Styled at Home - Ways to Wear Summer 2020's Most Daring Trend 

Corset tops. Slip dresses. Pajama shirts. Inner wear as outerwear may be labelled a "controversial trend, but it hasn't been run out yet. Lingerie-inspired fashion still rule the runways and the streets. This summer the trend takes on another twist: with the recent quarantine reinforcements forcing us back indoors, there's no doubt that relaxed and casual loungewear will continue to flood the virtual style board. But being at home doesn't mean you can't dress up. Mix and match inner and outer wear to style the sweetest (and sexiest) looks with our all-new Sleep & Intimates collection, Doux Rêves. Inspired by delicate French desserts, this collection includes colorful and classic pieces to take you beyond the bedroom and inspire look books for all your future post-COVID adventures to come.

The Look: Pastel Party

Play with pastels in these piped contrast pajama sets inspired by dainty French macarons. Pair these candy-colored short-sleeve pajama shirts with classic summer white boyfriend jeans or a mini skirt. Want to add an extra romantic twist? Leave it unbuttoned with a satin bra underneath for a playful yet sexy look.


The Look: Crème Fraîche 

Love vanilla and cream-based desserts like delicate choux pastries (cream puffs)? You'll drool over these sweet ivory combos. Satin shirts and dainty lace-trimmed camisoles meet monochrome basics and bold staples. Put a modern spin on elegant sleepwear with these classy pairings in a summer signature color.


The Look: Funk It Up

Summer's the time to add some fun and color to your wardrobe. Try matching bold stripes and vibrant jewel tones like chartreuse and emerald with contrasting shades and color block details. Want to really make a summer statement? Pair apple green and pastel pink for a candy-themed look that'll take you all throughout the bright weather season. 



The Look: Dream in Noir 

When in doubt, go with black. It's classic, chic, and can cover up everything from a food baby to a PMS-induced bloated belly. Combine a woman's most flattering shade with classic lines and sleek body-hugging silhouettes, and what do you get? A beyond-sexy 'fit for any occasion. Whether it's a casual black tee for your morning workout, a daring satin bra top for your stay-at-home date night, or an elegant tie-neck blouse for your Zoom interview, we've got the all-black ensemble you need. 



The Look: Light in Linen

There's a reason linen is our favorite summer fabric—it's light, it's easy to wash, and it keeps us sweat-free and cool all day. Throw on a breezy midi cami dress or mix and match with a linen set in soft pastels. These layered linen looks are soft and cozy enough to wear at home, yet lined enough to turn into a daytime look with a few simple pairings like a light cardigan or denim shorts.