Mother's Day Gift Guide

J .ING Nov 16, 2022

Get Your Mother the Perfect Mother's Day Gift 

Mother’s Day is looming near, so if you’re looking for the perfect gift to present to the most important lady in your life, now’s the time to do it.

Choosing a memorable Mother’s day gift is no easy feat – after all, no two people are the same, and that goes for women who are also mothers! We’ve compiled a simple list of classic gifts to give your mother in order to thank her for the unconditional love and care that she has bestowed upon you. Most importantly, for the sacrifice and courage that she faced in order to carry and birth you, as well as raising you to be the wonderful human being you are today. 

In case all else fails, you still have J.ING’s Mother’s Day BOGO Sale to fall back on.

In honor of all mothers around the world, J.ING presents to you a list of gifts to consider giving your special mama this Mother’s Day.


We all know that flowers are powerful and have become a standard when it comes to mother’s day gifts. They're beautiful to look at, brighten up the any setting and say to the person receiving them that you care about them. Flowers are synonymous with love and beauty, and most mothers would be thrilled to receive a beautiful bouquet from their children. The ease of ordering a batch of blooms online and having them delivered to your mama makes it easier than ever to show her that you care. 

Flower Alternatives

Instead of plucking a pretty perennial from its garden, why not gift your mother with potted plants that can be transferred to a garden of her choosing? That way, she can watch it bloom and thrive instead of throwing it out after a week.

Another wonderful alternative could be gifting your mother with a Rose of Jericho. This amazingly beautiful and wondrous plant appears unremarkable at first glance, but once placed in a bowl of water it miraculously comes to life before your eyes. Known to imbue the water that it's placed in with positive energy and luck, the water may be sprinkled around the home to bring in peace and calm. 


What usually comes with flowers in any gift? A box of chocolates go hand-in-hand with flowers when given to a special lady as a gift.

There are an endless array of different places to get a decadent box of cocoa treats for your mother; don't be afraid to splurge...go for gourmet. A cheap box of chocolates from CVS might suffice, but why not go above and beyond for your mom?

Chocolate Alternatives

Instead of sending your mother another box of chocolates, consider sending her a box of chocolate-dipped fresh fruit. Shari’s Berries offers incredible edible treats like chocolate-dipped strawberries, chocolate-coated cookies, miniature cheesecakes and even a box of un-dipped fresh fruit or pastries. They offer gifts that include flower bouquets to add to your decadent desserts and your order always arrives beautifully packaged and fresh. 

If she isn’t fond of chocolates, consider googling a tea garden or tea room that offers gourmet teas and an array of delicate desserts to accompany. Some tea rooms also offer sandwiches and even champagne!

Spa Day

Spa days with your mother can be a relaxing and luxurious way to treat your mom, with a day full of lounging and leisure - if not the perfect excuse to treat yourself, as well. High-end spas usually offer pricey spa packages that could include different massages, facials and other special services. 

Spa Day Alternatives

Wi Spa Los Angeles 

Wi Spa Steam Room

Take your mother to get a mani-pedi at a regular nail salon, or purchase a Groupon for a nail place that is near her so she can go on her own time.

If it’s still a spa experience you’re seeking, consider looking into Korean Spas in your area. Los Angeles is home to a few Korean bath houses that are wildly popular regularly attended by the public. Admission varies in price between each establishment, but the amenities are always bountiful. 

Wi Spa in Los Angeles is currently offering a Groupon priced at $15 for a day pass - that's 24 hours per person for unlimited access to their steam rooms, saunas and spa. 

Usually priced at $25 per person, Wi Spa's amenities are ample. Here's what they offer for the deal:

"Over the course of one day in the 24-hour Wi Spa, guests gain access to every spa and sauna held within, including the jimjilbang, a coed family area for simultaneous lounging that contains a restaurant. The vast spa boasts hardwood floors, multiple heated pools, and an open floor plan to maximize the sense of relaxation and space. Each visitor has unlimited use of the towels and locker rooms before and after their spa visit. Areas are gender specific as well." 

Best of all, you can pay a little extra for a real spa experience by buying a personal package for you and your mom. Get a massage or an exfoliation.

(Warning, you do have to be comfortable with same-sex nudity at Korean spas, but nobody bats an eye at you. It’s just unavoidable when you shower.)

With so many options to choose from, you're bound to find one that suits your mother's taste in time for Mother's Day.