Must-Have Back to School Fashion

Ashley Callahan Nov 16, 2022
Must-Have Back to School Fashion

Must-Have Back to School Fashion

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It’s almost time for in-person classes again, and we all know what that means! A proper first day of school outfit is always a must, and J.ING’s got the style inspiration you need! Here’s our list of the top back-to-school looks you’ll likely be seeing on campus.

Sweat Suits

If uniforms aren’t your thing, or just dressing up in general, sweatsuits are a surprisingly chic option. You could match a sleek jacket or tee with a pair of fitted, streamline sweatpants. Accessorize with a hat, a handbag, or jewelry to play this look up a little more.


Plaid is a classic pattern that works well in any setting. If you don’t have anything plaid in your wardrobe, you can achieve the same effect with a gingham item. Plaid and gingham skirts look so fashionable with long sleeve knits, tees, and everything in between. 

Business Casual

If you’re into professional vibes, a matching blazer and trouser co-ord will work well for you! Blazers are a great finishing item for many outfits. You can pair a blazer with jeans and t-shirts or skirts!

Collared Button-Ups

Button-ups are so cool since they have the potential to look both chill and dressed up. If you want to really stand out, try a cropped button-up with a pair of high-waisted trousers or jeans. Mix it up for an outfit that’s professional, vintage, or boyfriend chic. If you really want an ultimate combo, try a collared shirt dress!  


The 90s are in full swing, and Y2K is making a comeback with this year’s fashion trends. Achieve your favorite decade outfit with wide-leg jeans, crop tops, bucket hats, ribbed shirts, funky skirts, and more! Don’t forget your fanny pack on your first day!

Midi Dresses

Try a knit mid dress or a floral midi dress to feel comfy and cute. Midi dresses are perfect for walking across campus or sitting behind your desk comfortably. Pair with white sneakers for the ultimate on-the-go style!

High Waisted

High-waisted skirts, jeans, trousers, and sweats, are a must for retro fashion. Basically, anything high-waisted has vintage potential. Just make sure that if you’re looking for a pair of throwback pants, that they’re of the wide leg variety. Baggy jeans make for an instant vintage look!


Finally, you can never go wrong with athleisure items. Workout tops, running shorts, yoga leggings, track pants, and gym hoodies, are your best friends in this category! Look chic or laidback outside of gym class. You’ll always be comfortable too!

Congratulations on another year of learning! We hope you have fun with your friends as you make lots of memories for years to come! Summer may be over, but style doesn’t stop there. Shop more back-to-school outfits at J.ING and start your first day off right!