Pick Your Pattern

Dotty Liao Nov 16, 2022

Patterns are making an impression in fashion this season. Everything from sleek stripes on your favorite silk shirt, to classic plaids on your office pant suit - popular patterns are making their presence known.

Stelen Eda Mesh Tie-Back Blouse from Need Supply Co.

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Cassie Randolph & Colton Underwood from The Bachelor in New York

Polka-dots are an essential pattern to bring into your whimsical wardrobe. A feature that helps to add shape to smaller polka-dot patterned pieces is a centerpiece -- that is, the mid-waist belt. The addition of a corset, cincher or even something as simple as a ribbon tied at the midsection can do wonders in adding a feminine shape to any frame. Polka-dots may drown out your figure, so bringing the center in will draw the eyes to the slope of the silhouette, rather than look like you're drowning in a sea of polka-dots.

Elodie Blouse, $128, available only at J.ING

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Just as popular as the polka-dot, is the classic plaid pattern.

Plaid has been making its mark in recent trends, with the most stylish young celebrities seen rocking all-plaid gear, all year long.

Since plaid is a pattern that is leaning on the subtle side, the pattern can be worn in the office for a professional and polished look, or casually as day-wear when out with friends on the weekend.


Plaid Malia Dress, $198, available only at J.ING

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These plaid pieces are not only office-friendly, they are also great for date night or going out with friends. Both the Malia Dress and the Sawyer Coat have a belted waist to accentuate an hourglass shape, which is essential when wearing patterns that feature lines or shapes that might be distracting.

Another thing to consider is the shape of your body and what you would like to emphasize.

For petite body shapes, vertical stripes such as a pinstripe pattern can elongate a shorter frame.
To the left: The Lavender Blouse by J.ING

Horizontal stripes featuring layered fabrics and unique details can give more shape to certain areas. A flounced ruffle neckline can add volume to your chest area, which can be flattering.


Details matter when you're wearing a more intricate design that features a pattern.

Poet sleeves and flouncing at the neckline can turn a pinstripe top into a beautifully elegant peasant blouse.


To the right: The Nevaeh Blouse by J.ING

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