RewardStyle Conference 2019 Recap

Afterpay Integration Nov 16, 2022


J.ING got to participate in this year’s annual RStheCon, which is a three-day networking event held in Dallas, Texas, for different companies and social media influencers to have a chance to network with each other, as well as to hear from top fashion and beauty industry leaders.

Attendees are welcome to join in on several educational talks and speaking sessions, as well as hear about some of the plans that other companies have to improve the market. We got to hear about rewardStyle’s own program,, which has just launched its free app that helps consumers shop their favorite looks on social media platforms in a more direct and streamlined way.

J.ING was selected as one of the sponsors for the event, along with top companies like Express, Banana Republic and Bloomingdale’s. For being the “newcomers” among well-established powerhouses, including Urban Outfitters, we were thrilled to gain so many new J.ING lovers and broaden our brand’s reach.


Day 1 of #RStheCon involved showcasing our booths, displaying J.ING’s new collection and introducing our company to our fellow attendees.

We got to hear about rewardStyle’s mission statement and learned about what their next moves will be in the next 12 months, including marketing strategies and innovative technologies they plan on implementing into their programs.

After the first day’s ample festivities, attendees transitioned into pool-side party mode at SuperGoop’s mixer, where everybody got to chill out and mingle in a more relaxed setting and fruity cocktails.

 J.ING had so much fun introducing our current collection and getting to chat with incredibly style-savvy individuals.


Day 2 involved more booth showcasing and connecting with some of the most buzzworthy influencers and bloggers in social media.

J.ING attended some of the discussions and educational conferences that informed businesses and influencers of all the ways in which they could leverage their brand’s content and products in ways that maximized their earning potential within the current market. 

Next came a lunch hosted by Mary Kay, where J.ING had a chance to discuss potential collaborations with 11 lovely influencers and get to know them during our 15-minute one-on-one meets. 


Day 3 was the final day of RStheCon, with a last round of booth showcasing, a lunch hosted by Ebay and more one-on-one sessions with influencers. closed the night with a finale party for all the attending companies and influencers, complete with live music and even a choreographed ballet performance.