What to Look for in Your Next Vacation Outfit

Ashley Callahan Nov 16, 2022
Vacation Style Blog for 5/17

Looking for Your Next Summer Vacation Outfit? 
We've Got the Complete List Just for You!

The season is changing, and so are the fashion trends! Summer is almost here, and we’re on a mission for you. Need summer vacation idea outfits? We’ve put together a complete summer vacation guide to make choosing your next vacation look easy. From the yacht to the beach, consider this your complete style resource for your best summer vacation yet!    

Flouncy White Dresses

A white dress is a true vacation classic. You can never go wrong with this look as you’ll always feel fresh and breezy. One of these white dresses will be well suited for that European brunch or over a bikini on the Mediterranean coast. A white dress is the perfect summer dress for vacation.

Flowers and Pastels

If you’re not looking for something plain or white, there’s plenty of patterns and pastels to go around! Try one of these bright and happy looks to bask in the sunshine on your next family summer vacation. You can never go wrong with a pink dress or a midi dress with a petite flower pattern. Find your next cute dress, boho dress, long sleeve dress, or casual dress, and look stunning on your next adventure!

Bold Tops

Nothing says “vacation” like a vintage blouse or bold green top! Look hipster or trendy on your next getaway with these adventurous styles. You can completely change your look with an off-the-shoulder top or crop top. The style possibilities are endless with adorable tops for women like these!

Dramatic and Flowy Sleeves

Your vacation is a time to let loose, and what better way to do that than with dramatic sleeves? Cool blues and adorable polka dots are a great way to play up the fancy peasant blouse style. Look classic with a dramatic flair with a work blouse or puff sleeve blouse like these! 

Upbeat Shorts

Don’t fear the warm weather on your vacation with these high-waisted booty-style shorts. White and denim bottoms are in for summer 2021. Distressed jean shorts have always been a summer staple and white isn’t just for Labor day! Try these made-for-vacation shorts!  

Free and Breezy Skirts

Step into your next vacation with something new like these easy-breezy asymmetrical and pleated skirts. A mini skirt or plaid skirt is also a popular high-fashion choice for vacation wear. Pair these with sandals and a sun hat to complete the ultimate vacation outfit!

Corset Silhouette

A black corset is a stunning addition to any collar blouse or button-up dress. Achieve a “vacation all I ever wanted” look by pairing it with a white peasant dress or princess dress. The waist belt is ideal for bringing a flattering silhouette to any puffy or billowy dress. Strut out in high fashion vacation style by matching one of these corsets with a feminine J.ING dress!

Shopping for a stunning and sophisticated vacation outfit doesn’t have to be complicated. Shop more bestselling looks at our official J.ING website and find your next vacation look today. Follow us on Instagram and get style inspo directly to you. Stay fresh and get your next 2021 summer fashion trend at J.ING!

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