Sleeve Styles for Summer

Dotty Liao Nov 16, 2022

Shoulder and Sleeve Styles for Summer

Summer Shoulder and Sleeve Styles That Smolder

Since the sun’s coming out and blasting us with the sweltering heat, sleeves may seem like an absurdity in summer ensembles. We know that the summer months don’t call for jackets or sleeves as much as they do strapless, spaghetti straps and sheers, these shoulder and sleeve styles are still worth wearing.

Embellished Short Sleeves

Try a ruched short sleeve with bow-tied or buttoned embellishments for a casual but playful way to dress up your upper arm. A cuffed short sleeve also makes for a casually cool look without distracting from your outfit. A cap sleeve is also perfect for summer time due to its shorter design that extends just past the shoulders but does not cover the upper arm. 

Some summer styles we suggest are short sleeves on a sheer dress or a sheer blouse to feel breezy even in warmer climes. A short-sleeve utility shirt dress is also perfect when you want to wear a dress without looking too formal. 

Butterfly & Flutter Sleeves

Flared half-circle sleeves, often referred to as butterfly or flutter sleeves, are a gorgeous way to add some coverage to your tops without raising your internal temperature because flutter sleeves are not restrictive and hang loosely from the armhole rather than close against your arm.

Lantern Sleeves

Lantern sleeves aren’t as commonly seen in summer months, but certain styles are worth wearing and can make for a fun way to dress up on a date or dinner party during the evening. Try off-the-shoulder lantern styles for a playful and princess-like look.

Shoulder Styles

Cold-Shoulders and Cutouts

No need to dread the sweltering days ahead; just give the heat the cold shoulder. Cold-shoulders are a stylish way to show some skin without committing to a shoulder-less look, and a fashionable way to make peasant blouses or party dresses a bit more flirty.

Off-the-Shoulder sleeve styles on women’s clothing are sometimes referred to as Bardot tops, and they are a summer-time staple. Some off-the-shoulder or shoulder-less tops may feature details like spaghetti straps or bows, which can make this look even more special by adding a touch of femininity to the overall ensemble.
Off-the-Shoulder styles can also feature flounced, gathered or ruffled hemlines. 


One-Shoulder / Asymmetrical Styles

One-shoulder tops are another great way to show off your shoulders while rocking the asymmetrical trend. It’s perfect for summer when a tube top feels too revealing. This look is versatile and can be taken from day to night and the asymmetrical style gives it a unique edge.