SNEAK PEEK at Fall Collection Pre-Release

Dotty Liao Nov 16, 2022


J.ING gives you exclusive access to a preview of our highly anticipated 2019 Fall Collection. 

Focusing on the small-but-never-insignificant details, these new pieces are designed to boldly bring out every woman's understated elegance - something that can be expressed through the grace we demonstrate, and can be enhanced with the help of a perfectly assembled ensemble. 

We are giving you an exclusive sneak peek of our most buzz-worthy pieces from the upcoming launch. 

A collection worthy of coveting, we are giving you a glimpse at a few of our powerhouse pieces that are ready to be taken from work to play. 

Richness in luxurious textiles, tastefully decorative elements, quality craftsmanship and vintage-inspired designs with a modern twist come together to craft a perfectly charming aesthetic that plays on all things sensual, stylish and mysterious.    

A glimpse...

Gorgeous Finishes

Vibrant fabrics and finishes that capture softness and movement when the light catches its surface. and bounces off to give an incandescent glow. 

Textures and finishes set or soften the overall aesthetic you are trying to achieve, which is a perfect way to add touches of femininity to your ensemble. 

Sheers can be both bold and soft, allowing you to show some skin while creating a sense of mystery and obscurity. 

Satin-like materials are smooth and lustrous, mimicking the sumptuous sensation and movement of a silk surface. 

Sequins are usually thought of as gaudy and garish, but tasteful application of sequins can give you that curious glimmer we all crave. 




Attention to Detail


In true J.ING fashion, we have structured, fastened and tied together the most staple pieces with attention to details.

The simpler things in life are meant to be enjoyed, but a little bit of a gleam never hurt anybody. These pieces are not only practical and expertly tailored to fit on the body just right, with a little room for adjusting. 

Fasteners and buttons are often overlooked, but these essential details are worth paying attention to. Their job is not only to bring together the whole look, they often add the finishing touch needed to elevate an outfit. 

Fasteners should be simple and utilitarian purpose - which is holding your outfit's adjustable feature in place. 

Buttons that are beautiful will catch the eye and complete an entire aesthetic. 


Fabulous Fits

When things fit so well, you feel beautiful from any angle. There is not unforgiving position you can find yourself in.

That's what makes an article of clothing a masterpiece. With J.ING, every area of the outfit is considered crucial, because we don't only see what's in front of us. Sometimes, you'll turn heads and make others want to "look back at it" - and you can feel comfortable being a head-turner when your outfit not only has the right details, but also a fit that feels just right.