Start Your Halloween Capsule Wardrobe

Ashley Callahan Nov 16, 2022
Start Your Halloween Capsule Wardrobe

Start Your Halloween Capsule Wardrobe

All Hallows Eve is just around the corner, and we’re moving from pumpkin spice to slightly more ghoulish antics. We’ve got a lovely new selection of chic Halloween styles for the new season. Themed dresses, cardigans, and even lingerie could be the best addition to your spooky holiday. So grab your witch’s hat and magic elixir, babe. We’ve got some looks you’ll want to see!

Witchy Vibes

We’re getting that Hocus Pocus feeling with this green velvet midi dress and faux leather midi dress. As far as tops go, we’ve got a cropped lime cardigan below that looks a little like a spider’s web! Can’t you see the costume potential with the right amount of makeup and accessories? We can!

Pumpkin Queen

Orange you glad it’s almost spooky season? We like our pumpkin patches with a little bit of academic chic. Whether you’re looking for an oversized cardigan or something more trim, these rich orange shades will last beyond the season!

Candy Corn Colors

Sometimes you want that mix and match look with shades that pop. These multicolored cable knit sweaters and cardigans are practically a work of art. Create a little bit of mystery and fun with soft and cozy pieces that have a bold side.

Ghosts and Ghouls

Who could forget about classic black and white patterns with a gothic feel? No doubt, these combinations would make the Addams Family proud. There are unlimited ways to wear black and white this Halloween. Have fun with a checkered cardigan or more stately knit!

Spooky Sexy

If you’re looking for a spicy costume for that Sexy Halloween party look, here are a couple of lingerie pieces you can mix and match with streetwear. Wear boyfriend jeans with a lace bralette, or thrown on a pair of boots with that slim nightgown. Oh yes, these can be worn as night-out pieces too!

Boo-tiful Accessories

Feeling the spooky vibes goes beyond your initial outfit. Sometimes accessories make all the difference. Grab a phone case with a giant burnt orange bow, some cozy slippers, or hoop earrings that look like they’re straight out of a Tim Burton movie. You’ll be amazed at the Halloween looks you could create with these starter pieces, babe!

Trade out that latte for a witch’s broom as we gear up for Halloween, babe! We hope you enjoy these lovely pieces. Check out our official J.ING website for more delectable holiday styles.