Stress-Free Graduation Guide

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Stress-Free Graduation Guide

8 Tips to Consider for Graduation Day 

Congratulations! You've endured and persevered through years of grueling class assignments, school projects and all the endless dramas that have occurred in-between. You're about to graduate, so here are some valuable tips to make this bittersweet benchmark one as drama-free and joyous as possible! 

TIP #1: Get your regalia early!

You might think that this is not a big deal, but getting your gown early will prevent you from realizing too late that the gown you got is the wrong size, or that you might want to reconsider what you wear inside if it's too hot or not warm enough for the weather you'll be facing. Plus, getting it out of the way will allow you to start planning the perfect outfit to wear for all the photo ops are ahead - which leads us to....

TIP # 2 Dress to impress & for comfort

When choosing your graduation day get-up, remember that your photo will be showing up on countless feeds of not just your friends and family, but also in the feeds of their friends and families. So be Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat-ready - you won't want to slack off in the style department.

With that in mind, make sure that what you choose also happens to be comfortable. And we don't just mean for an hour or two - graduation ceremonies can be long and drawn out, and even if you think you'll be safe in those sky-high pumps based on their being block heels, it doesn't mean you won't regret wearing them once you are on your feet longer than you expect to be. Not to mention, is it really worth it to risk tripping in front of the entire class you're graduating with AND their relatives? You never know...

Preparing your picture-perfect outfit means you won't be stressing last minute to dress yourself. Make sure there are no unsightly stains you missed the night before and iron out those wrinkles.

TIP #3: Get a full night's rest

Being well-rested means you won't sleep through your alarm and have to scramble to the ceremony, only to then suffer through the day in a groggy daze. In order to look well, you must FEEL well. That involves plenty of sleep, and preparation, so...

TIP #4: Make sure you have a game plan

You'll want to have a game plan of the day's events beforehand, such as: Where everyone is going to meet? Who's car will they all be carpooling in? What area will you guys meet after the ceremony? A good plan that considers possible pitfalls (do we meet by the car if we can't find each other? Do we want to just regroup at a specific time somewhere outside of the premises?) will help to make the day run smoother.

TIP #5: Make sure your phone is fully juiced up

Considering how long you'll be at the ceremony (which is to say, it could take MUCH longer than you expect it to), you might not want to drain your battery life before the ceremony is done. That's not to say you shouldn't be documenting your big day with your pals, but that last three percent might be better dedicated to finding your family members quickly so that you can attend any post-graduation festivities that await.

TIP #6: Eat a small snack ahead of time

Make sure that you don't head out to the ceremony without getting a few snacks in ahead of time. Remember, the ceremony could take much longer than you anticipate, and you need energy so that you can tread across the stage and shine in all your glory. That, or suffer a potentially hangry fate.


TIP #7: Get there early/use a ride-share service separately

Parking space is brutal, so if you know you need more time to get ready, you might want to consider carpooling with others so you don't have to spend any time looking for parking. Or you can also use Lyft or Uber, if that's an option and you're under a time crunch.

TIP #8: Keep your ears open for your name

This seems obvious but you would be surprised how many miss their own names being called and end up having to rush out on stage in a frazzled state. 

TIP #9: Don't stress yourself out if things don't go as planned

We know that this list might induce some anxiety about the day, but it's really meant to alleviate any you might face. That being said, if any of the advice listed above is unfeasible and you happen to run into the sometimes-ineluctable snag in your plan, RELAX. Don't stress the small stuff that happens to trip up your day (that includes if you DO happen to trip and land on your face). Don't let it ruin this pivotal and precious moment in time for you, your guests and your friends. Make the best out of anything that happens because in the end, this day is to celebrate an ending of an era and the beginning of a brand new trajectory that your life will be heading towards. Don't take your frustrations out on anyone - including yourself. Let yourself cry tears of joy and gratitude. Live this day the best you can. And give yourself a pat on the back for graduating in one piece!