Summer Blush

J .ING Nov 16, 2022

Summer Blush

Most of us love the warm touch of the summer sun kissing our skin and giving us that glow that is lit from within. Even for those who blister more than they bronze, a good ol’ dose of some natural, solar-powered Vitamin D can uplift spirits and imbue upon us the cheery merriment that enriched vegan milks can’t possibly impart. For our sun babies, do remember to slather on that UV-ray protective wear, though! We urge all the sunbathing beauties to consider dousing themselves in layers of SPF 50 every two hours if they’re going to bask the glorious rays.

For those who would rather withhold from getting that rosy tan, you can still get that summer blush at a steal! 

We present to you the tried and true blushes of this summer that have won us over, ranging from $15 - $30! 

Here are some of our most beloved items in a "summer blush" color so that you can show off your crush on the summer blush color in style!