Color Me Coral

Dotty Liao Nov 16, 2022


Pink - make way for your more vibrant and tropical-colored cousin, Coral. With the ending of Spring brings the scaling back on pink in lieu of brighter, warmer tones. Never failing to make a reappearance during this time of the year, coral shades that lean more towards orange or red seem to repopulate our summer color palette, basking us in its warmth as the sun does during a nap on the beach.

Coral is the feeling of waking up from the nap after an afternoon of oceanic play and noticing that the world around you is cast in a golden and copper-colored light, and that your skin has that same sun-kissed glow.

Think peaches and cream, strawberry ice cream or pink Himalayan sea - bright blush shades that range in color from salmon pink to bold blood orange. 
Coral is the hue that captures both the essence and eternal bliss of summer.  
Suddenly, rose-tinted lenses seem to be the only sunnies we have our eyes set on this season.
And we are not the only ones who are on a coral-kick! It's not surprising that, Pantone has named its color of the year for 2019 Living Coral. 

This color can be seen anywhere from makeup, clothing, accessories to anything in-between. It's a little more mature than the trendy "millennial pink" without being boring. 

Here is how to incorporate coral into your color palette this summer:


Coral lipstick or lipgloss can range anywhere from orange shades to pink, depending on the mixture of shades included in the lip product itself. Coral lips can work on any skin tone because you can adjust it to suit your particular preference.

Try Kylie's Lip Kit color in the shade "Show Off" for a long-lasting matte coral lip. 


A coral eye would look great with a matching coral lip. 
The two together create a gorgeous flush of color that brings out a young, fresh and sun-soaked look without having to pack on the bronzer.

A great palette that gives you more than one shadow shade of coral is Naked Heat by Urban Decay. 


Coral cheeks are not a seasonal phenomenon - they are chic and the easiest way to wear coral because this shade can be worn on almost any skin tone and during any season. Pinched peachy cheeks can give you that gorgeous glistening skin that makes you look like you've stepped out from a slumber on a bed of rose petals. 

A flush of peachy-coral color on the cheeks Is the topper of all makeup finishes, as it imbues the skin with a young, vibrant glow. 

Place the blush lightly on the apples of your cheeks to bring them forward, or for those who like to experiment, try patting the blush right under your eyes and over the bridge of your nose. 

If you're looking for the perfect coral cheek color, we suggest Nars in Orgasm for a subtle shimmering peachy-pink that works on every skin tone. and is widely hailed as the best blush EVER. 


A coral top is a great way to wear coral in a way that really POPS. Coral can be a really vibrant and eye-catching color, which may or may not be what you are looking for during the summer. 

A great way to wear coral without wearing the wattage of its brightness is by finding a top that has coral colors within a pattern. Stripes help break up the shade. 

J.ING's Sleeveless Springstein Top is the summer shirt of your dreams! Not only is the coral subdued by a white pinstripe pattern, its smocked waistline and tie-front design give it a summer look that is flawless. 


Coral shorts are a must for the summer. A pale or more muted coral shade would be more wearable as shorts, as would a high-waist with a longer length. Too bright and too short would look a little jarring for that particular area when wearing a coral shade.

The Steadfast Shorts by J.ING makes sure to cover all your bases while keeping you cooled off. 


Coral pants are a beautiful way to showcase your coral obsession. A pair of coral pants can take you to the next level of hotness. 

It's easier to wear coral pants when the coral color is dustier than it is bright, as the legs are the longest part of the body that can be covered up. Not everybody wants to be a walking embodiment of Living Coral! 

J.ING's Coral Cropped Pants makes it easier to wear coral pants by toning down the heat of the shade and cropping it at the ankle. Flared for style, the Coral Cropped Pant is a summer staple. 


Coral dresses may be the most beautiful kinds of dresses that exist, simply for the fact that this shade is stunning when showcased in a silk or silk-like fabric. We just so happen to see many coral dresses in silky fabrics, but just as beautiful is the sight of a coral dress made out of organza or chiffon material.

The sheer-like quality gives an ethereal feel to the dress, which can make you look ultra dreamy in the summertime.

J.ING's Sleeveless Lux Dress is inspired by vintage proms and gorgeous sepia sunrises. Named after Lux from the novel and film, The Virgin Suicides, this dress is a coral classic. 


A coral skirt is a must for summer. Whether you're rocking a micro-mini skirt or a maxi-length, skirts are a great way to cool off. A coral skirt is a great way to wear coral this summer. Just like coral dresses, a silky coral skirt can turn you into a stunner this summer.

J.ING's Peachy Pearl Skirt is a gorgeous satin skirt that is fitted at the top and slightly flared towards the hemline for an A-line silhouette similar to the mermaid.