Summer-Friendly Outerwear for the Unpredictable Temperatures

Dotty Liao Nov 16, 2022

Summer Friendly Jackets & Coats

Perfect Cover-Ups to Combat the Capricious Climate in Summer

The temperatures should be warming up due to the summer season ahead, but lately we’ve been experiencing odd temperature changes at a large scale.

With the unpredictability of the weather, J.ING’s compiled a list of our favorite summer-friendly jackets and coats to keep in your car in case the rain decides it wants to douse you out of the blue (or grey)!


Jean jackets work well in the summer for a causal beach-like look. Rock the denim trend with your favorite shorts, skirt or dress to balance out your outfit and for an effortlessly stylish summer ensemble. 

Niki DeMartino

Nina Dobrev

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Light Collarless Jacket

A collarless jacket looks great in the summer. A light jacket can keep you cool, but for those random rainy days, a collarless cardigan will keep you cozy. 

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Blazers & Suit Jackets

Blazers and suit jackets work great in the summer over a skirt or dress. They're versatile and go with almost any outfit - even bicycle shorts! Blazers and women's sports jackets look sharp and make for a chic way to dress up your office apparel

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Trench Coats & Dusters & Long Jackets

Trench coats and jackets might not be a regular summer staple, but temperamental weather changes can leave you in the cold without any cover. Protect yourself from any unexpected changes in weather with these outerwear options that offer the perfect amount coverage while also letting you cool off when the sun pays us a visit.

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