Asymmetrical Fashion Is Making a Comeback

Account ing Nov 16, 2022

Asymmetrical Fashion Is Making a Comeback

Above (from left to right): Isabelle Marant, Helmut Lang and Prabal Gurung

Asymmetry is making a B-line to the front of fashion trends that you should be incorporating into your #OOTDs. Although asymmetry can be seen in almost every era, it's looking better than ever before.

In women’s fashion, asymmetry in clothing saw its heyday in the ‘80s when youth culture started delving into a moody, experimental phase; subversive styles paved the way for avant-garde genres in both music and art – all the while, popular music that stayed within the mainstream realm of fun-loving and jubilant melodies became bigger than ever.  

It was Goth versus Pop; dark versus sunny; Depeche Mode versus Madonna.

But a unifying thread that held the two scenes together was an affinity for severe, Maximalistic fashion.

It was during this eclectic-loving decade that we saw the emergence of big shoulder pads, women’s pantsuits, lacy finger-less gloves, geometric color-block patterns featuring bright colors, fishnet fabrics in clothing, neon street-wear and, yes - asymmetrical clothing.

It should be no shock that the off-kilter basis of asymmetrical clothing would be popularized during this fashionably-dynamic decade.
Recent years have experienced a resurgence of uneven cuts and hemlines making a cameo on the catwalk. 

Haizhen Wang 

Designers such as Yirantian Guo, Loewe, Saint Laurent and Balenciaga have all featured asymmetrical pieces as early as 2015, proving to us that styling askew ain't nothing new. 

Now, in 2019, J.ING has taken it from the it from Runway to Ready-Wear in pieces from our ’19 Spring Collection.

Ready to dip your toes into asymmetrical clothing but don’t know where or how to find the perfect pieces for the plunge?

Look no further; J.ING’s got you. Check out our Asymmetrical Clothing Collection, or look below. 

Asymmetrical Looks by J.ING