What to Wear in Between Summer and Fall

Ashley Callahan Nov 16, 2022
2021 fall transition outfits

What to Wear in Between Summer and Fall

We’re in the last few weeks of summer, and with fall creeping up, it can be tough to figure out what to wear during this transitional time. But don’t worry, girl, we’ve got you covered! The weather isn’t quite cool enough to cover your body in knitwear or throw on an overcoat, so we’ve got five transitional option categories for you to play with.

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Reworked Suits for Going Back to the Office

Going back to in-person meetings post-pandemic means lots of workleisure items. Looser blazers, wide-leg trousers, and even leather jackets will be your new best friends at the office. You can also incorporate breathable skirts and dresses with flair. Skirts and dresses are ideal fall transitional pieces as you can pair them with a nice blazer while staying cool. Neutral linen pants are also perfect for keeping temperatures down as they can often pass for trousers. Pro tip: instantly transform almost any casual outfit by incorporating a good blazer or professional jacket. Keep lengths shorter and outerwear lighter during this time. 

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A Cold Weather Item With a Summer Staple

Pairing a knit sweater or open trench coat with a slip dress, mini skirt, or summer dress has been a popular seasonal transition trend. You can also pair high-waisted trousers with a tank! Adding outerwear like knits and light coats to summer pieces is such an easy way to create a pre-fall wardrobe.


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Camel Pieces for Autumn Coziness

Camel is a chic neutral, and lovely fall staple. You can match camel sweaters and ponchos with denim and other neutral colors like black and white. Don’t be afraid to venture out and go for a complete monochrome camel look. Single color co-ords are so fun between summer and fall!

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Sweater Vests

Sweater vests are a great layering piece for transitional fall wear. You can pair a sweater vest with a long-sleeve button-up, t-shirt, or nothing at all! Match with a skirt, trousers, or something denim. This item is immensely popular during this time of year, so don’t miss out!

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More Options for Pre-Fall Style

You’ve mastered the basics of fall transition fashion, but there are so many combinations to explore. Find your unique look with a blazer and shorts, patterned skirts, or crop tops layered with turtlenecks. The possibilities are endless with your pre-fall style. You can begin by simply pairing one summer item and one fall item. Other than that, the rest is up to you!

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If you don’t absolutely love this list of pre-fall styles, you can shop your perfect outfit on the J.ING website! Start with the basics and go from there. As always, we can’t wait to see your unique fall transition style!