What's It Like to Be a Fashion Blogger?

Ashley Callahan Nov 16, 2022
Fashion Blogger Article

What’s it Like to Be a Fashion Blogger?

An article in Marie Claire outlines the top fashion bloggers to follow in 2021. Amid the smiles and gorgeous outfits, there’s a lot that goes into being a fashion blogger. From keeping up with 2021 fashion trends to having unique flair, this career takes creativity and discipline. So what’s it like to be a fashion blogger and what does it take?  

What is a Fashion Blogger?

Fashion bloggers are avid style enthusiasts who report on the latest trends in their own words. These influencers post their recommendations and reviews of outfits on Instagram, YouTube, or their own website. Through writing and content creation, these internet stylists advise others in the world of fashion. Let’s look at some of the skills this type of career requires.

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It Takes Discipline

Gabrielle Zacche shows us that being a fashion blogger is more than posting an OOTD on Instagram. The NYC-based style influencer gets up at 6 am, works out, then spends hours choosing the right looks from a department store. This lasts until 2 pm. Gabrielle then returns home to prepare for a PR event. Her day is finally done at around midnight. Without proper discipline and schedule planning, it could be very tough to keep up with a fashion blogger’s routine requirements. 

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It Takes Adaptability and Flexibility

Eileen from the fashion blog, yesmissy says that her schedule is “never the same.” She describes how her workweek varies depending on if there is a sponsored project, photoshoot, or event. You may be able to have breakfast some days while rushing out the door on other days. Not to mention pop-up events! Becoming a fashion blogger means rolling with the punches.

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It Takes Creativity

When you have a lifestyle blog, your followers will always expect the “next best thing” from you. Along with staying on trend, you need to stay creative, adding your own spin to everything you do. You can achieve this by rocking a standout 80s fashion look or adding a different accessory no one has seen before. 

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It Takes Authenticity and Openness

Being a beauty blogger is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle. In a J.ING interview with fashion blogger, Tess Alexander, the stylist says she loves being comfortable while “mixing it up a bit.” She describes how comfort creates confidence, and confidence encourages fearlessness to break norms. When you’re a style influencer, you must feel comfortable and confident expressing your mindset at all times. 

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How to Become a Fashion Blogger

If you think the creative, fast-moving, and disciplined career of a fashion blogger is right for you, go for it! Just like any career, the important thing is to do it because you love it. The best part is, you can start today! Use some of these tips and reference photos for inspiration when uploading your own unique style. J.ING believes in functional and beautiful outfits that will help you look and feel most authentic. No one wears your style like you, so why not try and see what happens?!

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