Workleisure: The New Dress Code

Ashley Callahan Nov 16, 2022

Workleisure: The New Dress Code

With pandemic conditions improving, many businesses are transferring employees back to the office. But after a year of Zoom meetings in our pajamas, no one can blame the hesitancy for giving up comfortable clothing. With this new movement of work leisure, here’s how office style will look from now on. But first, let’s take a moment to define what work leisure is.

“Workleisure, office-appropriate outfits with a Sportif twist, is easier to pull off. You can skip the yoga pants and instead opt for a fluid track pant paired with more sophisticated pieces like mules, a blouse, and a classic leather jacket.”-POPSUGAR

Relaxed Trousers

You can say goodbye to stiff work pants post-pandemic. Office workers are opting for flexible and breathable trousers. It’s the best of yoga comfort while still maintaining a professional look. Some of these styles could include neutral joggers, ankle-length trousers, and soft wide-leg pants. The only rule is that you must be comfy!

Roomy Blazers

Whether cuffed shorts, trousers, or skirts are your thing, blazers fit all! Slouchy and oversized blazers are this season’s staple in work leisure. No longer are you bound by stuffy blazers! Opt for a relaxed blazer to give you that lounge feel while working at your desk.

Freeform Dresses

Ignore all the uptight and restrictive dresses you used to wear to in-person meetings. Slouchy midi dresses with a few feminine accents are the new way to go. When looking for an office-appropriate leisure dress, opt for midi dresses with flowy skirts and modest necklines. You can also try bodycon knit dresses and sweater dresses in neutral colors.

Blousy Tees

Lines will be blurred between blouses and t-shirts once we’re back in person. When searching for a blouse that’s worthy of work leisure, opt for mobility and comfort chic. Long sleeve blouses like our Kylie Fitted Puffy Blouse are perfect if you’re looking for a little more coverage.

Chic Knits

With fall approaching, sweaters and knitwear will be making an appearance at the office. Long sweater vests, funky patterned cardigans, and classic styles are ideal. If you’re not feeling a jacket or a blazer, knitwear is your next best option. Some of the styles are so stunning, no one will ever know you’re wearing a cardigan! 

With this next step in work culture, it’s relieving to know we won’t have to trade comfort for style. If you’re looking for accessories or more cozy options for work leisure, check out our J.ING Lifestyle section. You can also shop our New Arrivals for more professional comfort looks today. Don’t miss these new trends that are just in time for fall!