Behind The Brand

Account ing Nov 16, 2022


J.ING’s founder, Jing Zeng, is all of these and more.

She’s managed to cultivate an entire collection that is entirely unique, yet accessible to modern women everywhere. She’s brought her creations to life through her visionary ideas and many years of determined work, pouring herself into every piece that she creates. Jing’s brand has come to define the 21st-century woman, expertly balancing the bold and romantic. How did she do it? Here’s a glimpse into her creative process, inspiration, and plans for the future.

1. The best part of a story is the beginning. How did it all start for you? When did you realize you wanted to create a womenswear collection?

Growing up, I was always inspired by fashion and how it was continuously changing. There is something so refreshing and exciting about how style changes and evolves with the seasons. Although the style is always changing, I gravitated towards creating a line that celebrates classic looks of the past, but with a contemporary flair. In the past few years, fashion has become more and more disposable, so I’ve sought to bring back the craftsmanship in clothing that I fell in love with growing up.

2. The pieces you create exhibit such intentionality and grace. What serves as your source of inspiration for such bold and romantic looks?

I’ve always believed in empowering women and the ability to do that with clothes. I suppose a lot of my inspiration comes from the women in my life and how they lead their very busy lives with such poise. If my clothes can inspire confidence, then I’ve done my job. There’s something about putting on one of our structured blazers or pair of heels that instantly builds confidence. The romantic side of our clothes comes from balancing that bold structure with a feminine personality.

My Mission has always been to empower women to feel confident and be themselves

3. What does a typical day look like for the creative and design director of a fashion company?

It’s a constant battle of balancing the time between our different teams, the manufacturing, and ongoing to-do lists. The day is scattered with traveling, meetings and brainstorming future ideas. It’s an exhilarating position, but it’s also a lot of hard work - but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

4. In the world of fast fashion, it’s refreshing to see a collection that serves as such a unique platform, encouraging women everywhere that putting together an outfit can and should be empowering. What is your mission as the chief creative force for J.ING, especially when it comes to the next generation of women?

My mission has always been to empower women to feel confident and be themselves. I think this is an extremely important message to share to the upcoming generation of young women, and I hope to continue to represent that mission in everything we do.

5. What can we expect from J.ING in the upcoming year?

Believe it or not, J.ING is only one year old, so we have a lot to look forward to in the next few years. This upcoming year we are working on growing our community and getting our brand out there as much as possible. We are also going international with offices in California, Shanghai, and Shenzhen and will offer worldwide shipping. It is an exciting time for fashion, and I am thrilled to move forward with my team and contribute to this amazing, creative community.

Fashion is something that is ever-changing. That’s why it’s imperative to trust a brand that is current and constantly evolving. What has set Jing apart from her competitors is her commitment to timeless classics, but with a modern twist. Jing is constantly discovering new and exciting ways to amplify your wardrobe from season to season. Through her craft, she inspires women everywhere to be bold, to push boundaries, and not be afraid to command attention. Now is the time to let your style speak volumes. Now is the time to be bold and romantic.