J.ING Pop Up Party Weekend Photo Recap

Dotty Liao Nov 16, 2022

Pop Up Party Weekend Recap

J.ING threw it's very first pop up shop last weekend and it was a blast! Getting to meet some of our loyal online customers and talk to new people was a great experience, and we are so grateful for those of you who came out to support us.

For those of you were not able to attend, be it due to geographical challenges or having prior obligations, scroll down to see the brief photo recap of our three-day event!

From left to right: Calypso Earrings, Monocle Necklace and Georgia Earrings

Our lovely set up at the Pop Up Party! Can you spot some of your favorite pieces?

Preparing before the party!

Wall of J.ING!

Big shout out to PARTYWITH for collaborating with us and making this day event a memorable one!

Thanks to our dedicated team - especially Tin, our PR Superstar! - our first pop up party was finished beautifully.

"We want J.ING! Give us J.ING!" we'd like to think they were chanting in their heads

Some of our favorites are on display! (From left to right: Ferocity Tee, Peachy Pearl Skirt, Hey Sailor Blouse, Sleeveless Springsteen Blouse, Emily Dress, Coral Cropped Pants and Elliott Blue Blouse)

What's better than a tower of J.ING goodie bags for all of our special guest attendees? These goody bags included J.ING frosted glass water bottles and a gorgeous pair of J.ING earrings!

Michelle Randolph and Cassie Randolph arrive, stylish as ever!

Michelle Randolph meets a fan!

Fans and friends got to mingle with our special guest.

Cassie Randolph and Michelle Randolph both looking perfect!

Fans got to take individual photos with Michelle!

Can you tell we're obsessed?