About Us

Women to Women.

From women to women. Free to dream. Empowered to aspire.

Made by women for women, J.ING is an independent fashion label with quality designs made accessible for all. Their clothes are for the small business owner. For the stay-at-home mom. For the nine-to-five breadwinner. Whatever their aspirations, they can wear boldness and confidence in J.ING’s versatile and effortless styles.

In 2017, Jing Zeng felt something missing from the fashion industry. Among the overwhelming messages of women empowerment, she couldn’t find a brand that truly allowed women to stay true to their femininity while expressing it with confidence. She knew right away what she needed to do. She gathered a team of creative, innovative individuals. They brainstormed and researched. After months of painstaking work, something new was born.

J.ING was created by women for women to achieve their dreams. It took trials and perseverance, but it all paid off. Through J.ING, Jing brought her vision to life: turning every woman’s dreams into reality.


How do we make it happen?

Through the designs. Our pieces are tailored for the modern-day entrepreneur. Whether you’re starting a baking business as a mother of two or running your own marketing agency, our designs support your unique personality and career aspirations. Our versatile range of styles are curated to meet the needs of your lifestyle.

Through the quality. We offer excellence of product and service for your busy lives. We know you have better things to do than worrying about your clothes. That’s why we promise assurance of top quality in all our designs and material. That’s why our customer service team works day and night to ensure your questions are answered, your issues solved. So your precious time can be spent on more important things—like that job interview, or picking up your kids from school.

Through the cost. We believe this freedom to wear boldness and confidence is for everyone. That’s why we offer the luxury of a pre-curated collection at half the price of high-end designer labels. Our careful selection process ensures we only spend production costs on items you’re guaranteed to love. So you and your wallet can keep dreaming with ease.

I consider myself an entrepreneur, leader, and advocate. I always seek to inspire and empower women to fulfill their own aspirations: to wear boldness and confidence while striving for their dreams.

-Ivy Zeng, CEO