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Earn 150 points per reviewed item(s) you've purchased!

Add a photo to earn 100 more points!

250 points = $5 USD Redeemable Cash Reward

We want to hear what you thought about your purchases, and other shoppers do too.

EVERY MONTH, we will be picking ONE WINNER for leaving us photo reviews.

Winner will receive a $100 USD J.ING gift card and the chance to get featured
on Styled on Social, a dedicated section for best photos!

Please read through our FAQ sections on Product review and as well as the Contest FAQ down below.


Sign into your Insider account and go to your Order History page. Under each item purchased will be a “Write a Review” link, or you can go straight to the item’s product page and you’ll be able to access the review box from there.

You can only write one review per item in your purchase history.

150pts for review, 100pts for photo uploads.

No, you do not have to put your real name, but you must use the email that is linked to your account; your email will not be posted publicly and is only visible to J.ING for verification purposes.

Your points will be automatically added to the existing Rewards points in your account. You may redeem them by opening the "J.ING INSIDER" widget located on the top left-hand side on our website (gift box icon).

If you're experiencing trouble with our reward system, please contact Customer Care at [email protected].


Winners are chosen by the visibility of the product and overall aesthetic and composition of the photo. Written reviews will also be considered in the process of choosing a winner; a more detailed review will increase your chances of winning.

On the first of every month, we will pick one winner that have won the Picture Perfect Pic[k] of the Month. Winner will be reached out to by their registered email on their J.ING Insider account.

Yes, only original photos qualify for the contest; please do not provide third-party photos as your reviews. Doing so is prohibited by J.ING and may result in copyright violations that J.ING cannot be held liable for.

Yes! Every item in your order history that you have photo-reviewed is eligible to win! Only one review per item purchased will be qualified.

Yes, the winner’s photo will be posted on the website and you will receive an announcement via email when you are chosen!

Please contact [email protected] in that case and they will assist you.

No, you do not! If you wish to have your photo taken down, you will still receive the $100 USD gift card. The CONTEST FAQ part?