The Women of J.ING v1.0

In honor of International Women’s Day, J.ING has launched the Women of J.ING – a series highlighting stylish women with a voice for positive change.

The Women of J.ING are romantic, passionate, confident and strong. They measure their success by their impact on society, seeking to make this a better world for everyone.

They are respected leaders at home, in the office and in their communities. They are pioneers and risk-takers; they are romantic and compassionate. They strive to inspire other women to be self-assured, confident and workings towards their full potential.

They motivate and challenge their friends, colleagues and communities to give back by volunteering, mentoring, charity work and public service. They are Supermoms, innovative businesswomen and an inspiration to all. The Women of J.ING can command a room and have discovered freedom and stylish expression without compromise. They care about what they wear and want clothes with a commitment to sustainability, from the fabric to the construction, but also ones that stand out and represent sophistication with a great attention to detail.

The Women of J.ING embody what our brand stands for. They are independent, confident, passionate, romantic, caring and stylish women with a voice for positive change.

They inspire us. They represent us. They champion the good in the world.

Hear their stories and feel their impact by joining us to honor and celebrate their work and contributions.

Join us each week in March as we showcase another Woman of J.ING and see how she expresses her individual style. If you like what you see, you’ll also be able that shop that specific look and get 20% off when you use their first name as the coupon code at checkout.

Founder of J.ING

Friday, March 8

HGTV and AWE Network

Host & Lifestyle Expert

Friday, March 15

Leanna Haakons

Founder, Black Hawk Financial

Author, Young, Fun & Financially Free

Friday, March 22

Dr. Shelia Nazarian

Founder, Nazarian Plastic Surgery

Friday, March 29