J.ING is a womenswear collection for the bold and romantic.

The J.ING customer is focused, bold and makes a beautiful statement with her style. She takes calculated risks, while still remaining romantic and passionate. She does not settle for status-quo in life, or in what she chooses to wear. She thrives on creativity and loves to color outside the lines. Dull trends bore her. She isn’t afraid to be a pioneer, while looking fabulously stylish.

J.ING represents the possibilities of what women can be and do in the world; it’s a story of a leading lady’s dream manifested into reality and made available for fashionable, romantic and self-assured women around the globe.

With a focus on gorgeous statement pieces, expertly tailored silhouettes, a feminine personality and a sense of quality which endures, J.ING shakes up the status-quo, season after season. J.ING embodies a deliberate balance between sophistication and ease by adding a youthful, daring and confident allure to every design.

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